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Prison architect rabatt code

prison architect rabatt code

that then have to be reassigned after you've filled your mega-dorms and turned on the cell ratings setting again. But they still will show the bubble of rage. Electrical appliances not needed: Start a new game and save it, then exit the game. Change the value of the "EnableWater" line from "true" to "false". Dorms - (Small)- Privacy needs for those who have them are always dropped low, this really makes your prisoners pi*ed off. Change that number to "0.00000". I try to remember to do a full toilet search every 2-3 game days in 4-6 man dorm wings. Difficulty: Medium S Step 2: Clean up prison edit You will need a texteditor which supports searching for regular expressions. To turn the need for power and water off, simple delete 'true' from the right column from what you want to remove the need of and type in false in the space. You will always have a large amount of money and can delay most objectives as long as desired to have enough time.

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Search for 'Con.d' and replace all occurrences with a space. E.g "Balance 10000" Take note that if you log out of that game you will only have 1 money left however you indeed have 10000. Easy "Wait And Hope" achievement: Attempt this rabattcode intersport during the campaign. Difficulty: Easy, step 1: Start the game edit, start the game, then simply navigate your way to the main menu to select the. A job 'Open Locked Door' will appear if you cursor over the door and a guard if available will eventually come and open the door). Towards the end of each line, you will see "Progress" followed by a number. If done correctly, you should see something like this: begin Penalties Points.00000 begin Penalties Size 0 END END No Power and or Water Requirements edit This cheat removes the need for power and water for your prison, forgoing the need to place pumps, power. Difficulty: Easy, how to do it edit, simply follow step 1 and 2 of the cheat above. You will not be able to actually leave the map however, despite being marked as Escaping. I may or may not have left a gate unlocked for workmen and forgotten to lock it back up, and thre guys may or may not have just walked out unquestioned) Even the tunnels I've found coming out of dorms are much longer than any.