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the distinction between humans and other life forms, as we find in various forms of vitalism (Bergson, Deleuze, Massumi) and is echoed in debates across the biological and environmental sciences (Varela, Oyama, Lewontin, Margulis, Rose). This is a new post-humanism that examines our communality with other forms of creaturely life and companion species (Haraway and the need for a non-anthropocentric ethics (Derrida). One account that works across the Walt Disney Family of Companies. Past special issues and special sections include: Body, modification; Bodies of Nature; Commodifying Bodies; Militarized Bodies; Bodies on Trial: Medicine and Biology; Disability and Humour; Bodily Performance and Dance; Islam, Health and the. The journal has also sought to examine a wide range of issues which have arisen from the writings of theorists such as: Baudrillard, Bergson, Bourdieu, Butler, Cixous, Deleuze, Douglas, Elias, Ettinger, Foucault, Haraway, Kristeva, Latour, Mauss, Merleau-Ponty, Simondon. The focus upon life recognizes the governance and regulation of bodies (biopolitics as well as investments across diverse practices (media, consumer, biotechnological) in both the materiality and immateriality of bodies as biocapital and biomedia (code, information).

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Continue watching where you left off. Hmm, there was a problem reaching the server. Body Society welcomes suggestions for special issues, and we have identified areas such as movement, the senses, creaturely life, eating, medicine, biomediation, as key areas for development. These are some of the emergent objects, practices and themes that have been enriched by a turn to the body and embodiment, and which are reflected in the emergence of a huge and growing body -studies literature. The disciplines reflected in the journal have included anthropology, art history, communications, cultural history, cultural studies, environmental studies, feminism, film studies, health studies, leisure studies, medical history, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, science studies, sociology and sport studies. Season 1 (9 Episodes)Season 2 (20 Episodes)Season 3 (13 Episodes).